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On the road to the Humboldt Forum

The next decade will see the emergence in the historical heart of Berlin of a unique centre for art, culture, science, and learning with significant global reach. It will be entirely dedicated to the dialogue between the cultures of the world and will act as a forum for debate and analysis of historical and current issues of global significance, viewed from a multitude of fresh perspectives.

In the soon-to-be reconstructed Berlin Palace, museum, library, university, and event venue will merge to create a thriving meeting point for people from all over the world – irrespective of their origin, age, educational background, interests, experience, and personal tastes. This meeting-point and melting-pot will be the Humboldt Forum. The Forum will be a testing ground for new forms of collaboration, a place that will bring to life an array of cultural and social forms of expression, where scientific working methods will be cemented with artistic ones, and where history will come alive in the present. The Humboldt Forum will make a vital contribution to deciphering the globalized world in which we live. It aims to raise questions that are simmering below the surface as well as to search for ways to solve them. One of the Forum’s further concerns will be to highlight economic and ecological developments in the global society and show what tasks lie ahead in shaping them, be it in the world of politics, the economy, or culture. In keeping with the two brothers from whom its name is derived – Wilhelm and Alexander von Humboldt – this place will stand as a living symbol of the respectful and equitable cohabitation between the cultures and nations of the world.