The next decade will see the emergence in the historical heart of Berlin of a unique centre for art, culture, science, and learning with significant global reach. It will be entirely dedicated to the dialogue between the cultures of the world and will act as a forum for debate and analysis of historical and current issues of global significance, viewed from a multitude of fresh perspectives.

The Humboldt Lab Dahlem contributes to and enriches the plans put forward by the Ethnologisches Museum and the Museum für Asiatische Kunst as they progress towards the opening of the Humboldt-Forum. The Lab does this by proposing its own set of specific questions and coming up with innovative solutions.

11. 09. 2014

"Werkstattgespräch" for the Japan exhibition module


Please note: The "Werkstattgespräche" take place every second Thursday of the month from 5.30 to 7 pm at the Humboldt-Box.

Opening Probebühne 4


Presentation of seven new projects:



Appropriations, Dahlem Karkhana, EuropeTest, [Open] Secrets, Travelogue, Seeing South and Yuken Teruya: On Okinawa.


Exhibition dates Probebühne 4: 9/23/2014-8/2/2015